Hybrid working, a tool for bonding?

In every interview we have with candidates, the subject of hybrid work comes up. Not every organization has an elaborate plan to shape this and it has quite a few snags. Questions that arise include:

  • Is an employer obliged to create two workplaces that meet health and safety requirements (1 in the office and 1 at home)?
  • How do you deal with employees who do not take sufficient rest and work at a stretch?
  • What do you do as an employee when you would like to work partially at home and your employer is not open to this?

Recent times have been a period of freedom and autonomy for some, but for others it has given them a feeling of loneliness. If, as an employer, you can offer customization to your employees’ work wishes without sacrificing productivity and company culture, you will be able to bind your employees to you. And that is becoming an important factor given the rising number of job openings in the labor market.