Recruitment & Selection


Before we start an assignment, we will arrange an intake meeting at the employer’s premises in order to gather information about the organisation, its corporate culture, the position, the job requirements and any preferred personal characteristics of the prospective candidate. As it is essential for the manager and the secretary to “click” we also believe it important to get to know the candidate’s direct superior. The information is used to draw up a job profile which serves as the basis for our search.

Pool of Candidates

Over the course of years, we have built up a broad base of qualified candidates. In addition, we receive applications via our website, through our own network or from various vacancy sources on a daily basis. Following a preliminary telephone interview, applicants are invited for a criterion-based interview. Finally, the applicant is subjected to a personality test.


We select two or three candidates which are introduced to the employer in writing. The written report consists of a candidate’s curriculum vitae together with an explanation and the findings from the candidate’s personality test. We arrange meetings between the candidate and the employer and subsequently analyse these meetings with both parties individually. Obviously, the employer makes the final decision but we are convinced that he/she will be able to choose a suitable candidate on the basis of our selection.

Follow-up and Coaching

After placement, we maintain frequent contact with the placed candidate and the client for a period of six months. In addition, we offer two online coaching sessions that the placed candidate can use with the consent of the client. This approach is aimed at ensuring a smoother onboarding process. Our agency provides this extra service at no additional cost. The coaching sessions are conducted by Margreet W. Hansink, registered career coach, affiliated with Noloc.


After a candidate has been appointed, we maintain contact with the employer and the candidate for a period of six months. If, for any reason, things do not work out within this period, Hansink & De Looper will start a new, one-off, recruitment exercise at no cost to the employer.


Our fee amounts up to 22% of the gross annual income on fulltime basis, agreed upon with the appointed candidate. The advance payment of € 2,000.- VAT will be deducted from our final fee.