job coaching

To optimise employability, we consider that personal development is imperative. How will you remain of added value to the organisation? How do you enjoy and keep enjoying your work, and use your skills fully? How can you take that next career step and what direction will you want to head for?

We will always emphasise how important it is for employers to keep employees involved. How it will use its employee’s skills to the maximum? In what way will this person be fully appreciated, and what is his or her added value to the organisation?

We will use a personal development path to find out who you are in your work. Where are you now and where do you want to go to? Sustainable employability is a key factor. An employer can also approach us with this question if an employee has the potential for a next career step. What is necessary to be able to make this step?

In a personal development path we will search for answers to these questions. We use a mix of methods including the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a validated personality test.

During a non-binding intake we would always discuss the possibilities and determine the content and the duration of the development path together. Trust between coachee and coach creates a solid basis.

All coaching programs will be performed by Hansink & Westermann,