You earn respect,by,giving it


Coaching by Margreet Hansink is an important support for assistants at every level. Margreet really knows how to respond to the individual needs. As an experienced executive assistant I came to this point in my career when I thought “what to do next?”. In co-operation with Margreet we carried out a personality analysis taking into account my character, strengths and weaknesses, and my interests. This experience was very motivating as well as enlightening.

Together with Margreet I was able to work out a number of situations that you typically come across in your career in the following coaching sessions. During these sessions Margreet never hesitated to hold up a mirror to my face, and that gave me a much clearer insight into myself as a person and as an employee within my organisation. That was a big encouragement. Margreet is full of enthusiasm and she has the gift to stimulate and motivate people.

November 2013