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Personal Profile Analysis

Our agency has worked with the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) from the very beginning. The PPA gives an insight in people’s work behaviour: who are they, what do they want, and what can they do?

The PPA test will take approximately 8 minutes and then we will contact you within 2 days to arrange a meeting to discuss the outcome with you in person.

The PPA report consists of a behavioural profile and shows the strengths and potential areas for improvement, style of communication, key motivators, and how the candidate acts under pressure.

The PPA can be used:

  • To determine areas of development
  • To select the right person
  • As an assessment tool
  • To form teams
  • To improve personnel engagement

The cost of completing the PPA test, the report, and the personal meeting with Anne Timmer or Margreet Hansink are € 150,- excluding VAT.

For more information (+31) 23 – 558 00 06 or contact us.