Life is not,just,about work


Hansink & De Looper was established in 1997 and is a provider of resources for management support, such as executive assistants, personal assistants, and office managers. Our aim is to create, optimise, and mobilise employability:

  • Create employability: provide candidates for temporary and permanent jobs
  • Optimise employabiliy: personal development of staff at their workplace
  • Mobilise employability: guiding staff from employer to employer

The methods we use to create, optimise, and mobilise employability are interchangeable and deployed as and where necessary according to the client’s need. Our core service is the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). We will always choose the right mix of methods, that best fit the personality of the candidate and the situation of the client.

As an agency we distinguish ourselves from others by considering people as the key element. We believe that open communication is essential. We highly value short communication lines, expertise, honesty, speed, and, very importantly we enjoy our work.
The carabiner that is being used in mountain climbing has been our agency’s logo for many years. To us, this symbol represents faith and association.

Both the candidate and the employer need to trust that Hansink & De Looper is the right agency to deliver the right solution. This kind of work relies mainly on the human element and this is why we would like to introduce ourselves further:

Anne Timmer has been working in the recruitment and selection business for many years. She completed a degree in Dutch and Theology, and made her mark in recruitment and selection at Capacity, and also as an employer with her agency Headquarters. In 2006 she joined Hansink & De Looper.

Margreet Hansink is a very experienced consultant. She started her career as a secretary, and soon started operating within the recruitment and selection business. In 1997 she jointly founded Hansink & De Looper. She has a deep interest and specialization in people and organization, and completed various courses in this field; among others organizational science and psychology. She is also a certified NLP master and she studies Psychology at the moment.